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Saturday, April 29, 2006

cooollll bus

That is what the kindergartner kept saying a few weeks back when I did a 2:30 run for a lady who was out for the afternoon. The little girl thought my bus was cool, my trash can was cool, and my seats were cool. She told me that she lived in a very big house, and she was very right.

There were about 10 kids on that route from a very affluent neighborhood in Lake Jackson. I asked the little girl what grade she was in and she said kindergarten. I asked what grade the other kids were in and she said, "we are all in kindergarten, we don't know anything." "We can't learn either." I said sure you can. She said, "I can read."

I must admit that 20 minute route was very entertaining. It is amazing how they go from not knowing anything at five to knowing everything at sixteen.
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