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Friday, April 07, 2006

Looking for a place

I am always looking for a place to present my thoughts. There are many things I am fully persuaded about. Many of them will probably end up appearing on this blog.
Even though I preach at least twice a week and teach two public Bible studies. I still seem to have more to say. This will be one more place where I will write it. I write letters to the editor in the local paper.
I will likely be sharing an assortment of thing here. My thoughts on current issues. My thoughts on political issues. My thoughts on theological issues. My thoughts on ministry issues. My thoughts on family issues. Also...... a few thoughts on items of interest (to me) that happen around here and some of my bus stories.
It will not take long before anyone who reads here will discover that I am in deed FULLY PERSUADED and that I am BAPTIST!
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