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Friday, April 28, 2006

Week of the bus driver

This week I have spent a good deal of time driving a bus. There was no school today but Monday thru Thursday I had a field trip each day.

Monday I went to Houston to take some High School kids to the Museum of Natural Science in Herman Park. That is next to the Houston Zoo for those who are familiar. All the way I watched a boy and girl in a romantic embrace. The boy was "bug eyed" over the girl. It would have been funny were it not so serious. The boy was creating unnecessary agony for himself by sitting so close to the girl and holding her like he was. What do I know I'm just a bus driver??!!

Tuesday I took some special needs kids from a couple of schools here in Freeport to a park in Lake Jackson for some kind of a scouting program. I ran an errand to the credit union and looked around in Hastings book store for about 30 minutes waiting for them to finish up.

Wednesday I shuffled some kids back and forth to the beach for their aquatic science class. Really, all they were doing was picking up trash for about 30 minutes. That is a good thing but I am not sure what it had to do with aquatic science. There were only about five or six students on each trip, some of them drove their own cars. There was supposed to be a group that went at 2:00 but the teacher told me that morning that none of them may show up. So I dropped off my group at 11:15 and had to wait until 2:00 for a group that might not even show up. Not really enough time to go home. The one redeeming factor is that I was able to eat lunch with my son at the school cafeteria. I enjoy being with my son and I always liked school food growing up. Sure enough no one showed up for the 2:00 run but then I did not have time to go home before my afternoon route. Had I known no one would show up at 2 I could have went home at 11:15 and returned at 3:00. Oh well. It gave me an opportunity to take a short nap and read some in my book, The Great Bridge by David McCullough. A book about the building of the Brooklyn bridge. I know, I know it sounds boring, what could be written about the building of a bridge. All I can say is read the book. My daughter Olivia purchased it for me on my Birthday. She knows I have enjoyed several of David McCollough's books. Why read fiction when non-fiction is so intriguing and exciting. I would highly recommend all of his books that I have read so far. Harry Truman (gave me an appreciation for the tense times of the late 40's and early 50's. John Adams (I almost cried at the end of the book when John Adams died. I felt like I came to know him) 1776 (What a great story about the siege of Boston, the escape from New York across New Jersey, and the crossing of the Delaware at the end of the year. I digress.

Thursday I was shuffling kids back and forth to the beach again for aquatic science. Picking up trash again. Read some more of The Great Bridge. All three groups showed up this time. On my second trip there were a couple of boys sitting at the back I believe there was a student following us in a vehicle. One of the boys had an empty water bottle in his hand. I saw him lower the window, I could tell he wanted to throw the bottle out. They could not tell if I was watching them because I had sunshades on. When I went to stop at a light he saw his opportunity and threw the bottle out. I also saw him do it. I told him to put the window up. I radioed base and told them to have a principal meet me at the school when I arrived. When the principal boarded the bus I informed him that the young man had thrown a bottle out of the window and he had also made an obscene hand gesture at the vehicle following us. I told the principal that the young man apparently needed some special attention. The principal said "bottle out the window, hand gesture, got it." Stupid bus driver??!! Having made my one friend for the day I proceeded on to the next group.

You may ask how I manage to be gone all those days and still prepare for services. Well, if the truth be known I could not do that. This week though we are having all day services and several of the men in our church will be speaking instead of me. So, those weeks are a little slower (study wise) than usual. It kind of gives me a break to devote some attention to other things, this week it was bus driving and also an opportunity for some of the other men in our church to open the word of God and an opportunity for the people to hear some one different. We have a couple of men who have surrendered to preach and they need some time to sharpen their skills. Also we have three young men with whom I have spent some time last year teaching them how to study the Bible and to organize their thoughts. None of these young men are called to preach but I firmly believe that men need to be equipped to be leaders in the church and their home. One aspect of that is knowing how to study your bible and share the fruit of your study in a systematic, interesting way. These young men have spoken several times, usually about 20 minutes a piece and they have always done a surprisingly good job.

Today there was no school. Today I cooked two meals and cleaned up afterwards. Our family cleans a beauty shop once every two weeks. The money we make from that is mostly saved and used to pay taxes at the end of the year. All the kids go and help mostly without complaint even though it requires getting out of bed at 5:00 in the morning. So once a year I try to do something so they will know I appreciate their efforts. This year I became their servant for a day. This morning we had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, cereal, waffles, hashbrowns, and juice. This afternoon I grilled ribeyes, pork ribs, and boneless, skinless chicken tenders, baked potatoes (cheese, sour creme, bacon bits), green beans with a thick piece of bacon and a bit of grease added for flavor, corn with butter, garlic bread. I cooked the entire meal, Kimberly just couldn't refrain from helping some. I did the clean up afterwards. They all refrained from helping with that although I do believe Daniel offered his assistance. When the kids walked by you would have thought they were a "calf looking at a new gate." They told me what a great job I did and Lydia even made me a card and had everyone sign it. I know they think I am absolutely helpless. They forget I am the oldest of four boys, a sister was adopted after I left home. I have done my shared of helping with the cooking, and cleaning the bathrooms. The only reason I don't do it now is so they will learn how to do it. Yes I can cook and clean. No I do not spend a lot of time doing either. I believe they all should have some responsibility around here. I'll pastor the church, drive the bus, deliver a few pizzas, and be responsible for all the decisions and direction of the home and I will for the most part leave the cooking and cleaning to others who are by the way a little more proficient at it than me. Oh, yea, we still have blue bell to look forward to. If you have not had blue bell you have not had ice cream. We have extreme chocolate, cookies and creme, and moooooolinium crunch. Oh no, more bowls to wash. I wonder if anyone would notice if I left them till tomorrow for someone else to do???

Tomorrow it is back to the weight room after a week and a half break. Taking a look at the van that is not starting. I am trying hard not to complain. We have had the van nine years and had very little trouble with it. I do not like car problems, for my diagnostic and mechanical skills are limited. Maybe work on the back bathroom some. Post something a little more substantive here. Maybe, perhaps, possibly on illegal immigration. If so you can rest assured it will be my fullypersuadedopinion!

This life I have is a wonderful life!
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