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Friday, May 12, 2006

Taxing Big Business

This is a letter to the editor and my response. I do not yet know if our local paper will publish the letter but I do know that it will be published here.

Big business not paying its fair share of taxes

The price of gas has leveled off. Great, huh? Well, the only reason it has done so is a bill put forth in Washington that was finally going to put a stop to big business not paying their fair amount of taxes. Alas, the Republicans already are working very hard trying to put loopholes in the bill that will allow business to reduce the amount of taxes they would have to pay. They still aren’t going to pay their fair share, but the citizens are going to go right on paying their fair share or go to jail.The minute that bill is voted down or has been torn apart to the point that business still doesn’t have to pay fair taxes, the fuel costs are going upward again.Let your representatives know you are tired of carrying the tax burden for big business. It’s time for them to start paying their own way, just like we citizens have to do each and every day at the cash register and on April 15.

Jodie Gross, Freeport

My response:

Jodi Gross’ desire for big business to pay more taxes would end up having the opposite effect on her bottom line.

Big business is in business to make a profit, as large a profit as the market will bear. When expenses go up for big business does anyone really think that they are going to watch their profit margin dwindle? It does not matter whether the increased expense is in raw material, labor cost, distribution, fuel cost or taxes. Yes, taxes. Taxes are a business expense. When you raise taxes on big business you raise the cost of them doing business. Big business will in time pass along that increased expense to their customers. The increase always gets passed along to the consumer.

Where do you think big business gets the money to pay their taxes? They collect it at the cash register in the price they charge for their product.

The consumer has always carried the tax burden for big business. If you increase their taxes you ultimately increase your burden.

My fullypersuadedopinion
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