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Monday, August 14, 2006

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. - Genesis 1:1

Is there a statement in all the annals of history or philosophy that transcends these nine simple words?

The simplicity of the statement is a fitting contrast to the depth of meaning, the breadth of power, and the expanse of thought required to grasp even a infinitesimal understanding of what these words convey. We memorize them as children and we proceed to see these words as a quaint way of summing up the events of the first chapter of the Bible. Is this not a rather naive view of what is arguably the most profound statement ever made? While it drops like dew on the morning grass before we have time to catch our breath at its simplicity it is transformed into a raging torrent of unfathomable meaning.

It is a statement that comes barreling down upon us in an unrelenting fashion forcing us to either give our consent or voice our dissent. It leaves no room for philosophical pandering or intellectual wrangling. It is a bold declaration of foundational truth. There is no defense offered. There is no apology rendered. There is no argument mounted. It stands like a sentinel over the rest of Scripture declaring that there is a creator with whom we have to do. All men should stand in awe of him, we should fear, we should quake, we should tremble, we should bow down and worship Him who spoke the worlds into existence.

When petty men, with depraved intellect and arrogant pontificating raise their voices in a thunderous roar against His being a voice comes sounding forth the anthem as a thousand trumpets on a still cold morning, IN THE BEGINNING GOD! Try as they may the bulwark is not threatened, the standard is not downtrodden. Philosophy fails to assail it. Science, so called, trembles before it, the atheist raises the alarm against that which they claim does not exist proving all the while that He does in deed exist.

God is more real than anything else. He precedes all things and sustains all things. In Him will all things be culminated. It is for his glory that all things were brought into existence. He is the mighty King of heaven, the earth is his footstool. Let us bow down and worship Him. He transcends time in any direction. He encompasses all that is space. He is all knowing at all times. He does not think, He simply knows. There is nothing outside the realm of His knowledge, nothing hid from the view of His eye, nothing concealed from the sound of His ear. There is no place where He is not. There is nothing that He cannot do. There is nothing hard for Him, there is nothing easy for Him. To Him it is all the same. He is not diminished in power. Omnipotence knows no bounds. In the midst of all His mighty works and the multitudinous manifestations of his power He is not in any degree diminished. All power belongs to Him. In bearing testimony of Himself in the prophets of old he declared, "there is none like unto me."

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

May we find these words worthy of our contemplation and deserving of our reflection. These are words that reach beyond our capacity to fathom. They are not light words, they are weighty words. It is we who must come to appreciate the capacity that we have been given to think, consider, ponder, and reflect. Before we move away from the first verse of our Bible we have material sufficient to keep us thinking, considering, pondering, and reflecting for ten thousand lives. I can think of no better verse to which we can devote our intellectual efforts.

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