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Friday, August 11, 2006

It Is Finished

Yonder, in the distance, at the mount like a skull
A cross is hoisted into the ground bleak and dull.
There hangs a man on yonder cross he is God’s son divine.
He reveals the Father in grace and truth and all that is sublime.

But now see him who suffers so
He is abused, brought very low.
His visage is troubled it has been marred
From his Father’s own presence he has been barred.

If only we could see really see what was happening
We would know that his suffering was more than just a passing.
It was for sin, for yours and for mine
That he suffered so much at this given time.

He who was righteous, had no sin of his own
Was bruised for us, who to sin are so prone.
He agonizes and is terrorized by his enemies sore
Unaware, unaware that it was their sins he bore.

He is bleeding, dying, in agony he is
No comfort, no solace is found to be his.
He hangs there alone forsaken by all
In this desperate hour for the Father there’s a call.

The light hastens away at a very quick pace.
The sun on that day hides its very face.
The Father, the Father will he hear his son’s plea
Or will he die there alone for you and for me?

After hours of suffering and anguish with no compare
The Son of God dies just as prophets had declared.
He drew his last breath and lowered his head
The soldiers came and checked him and yes, he was dead.

Despair need not reign in this bitter place
For powerful words had been spoken for the race.
The words filled the air just before he expired
They give hope to all sinners who to him retire.

It is Finished he cried out, it is finished, it’s done.
The Father is satisfied with the sacrifice of his Son.
Sin’s debt has been paid, its been paid once for all
Rejoice O sinner for upon Christ you can call.

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