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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ought Baptist to Recognize Pedobaptist Preachers as Gospel Ministers?

Back at the first of June I preached a meeting for a friend of mine in Humble, Texas. I mentioned something about visiting some used book stores in the area. A day or so later he took me to several and I found several things of interest. In fact I found two jewels.

One was a book entitled Sin and the Unfolding of Salvation (theological lectures) by David Gracey. The title caught my attention. As I was perusing the book I found a reference to the "Pastor's College." From my interest in Spurgeon I knew that was the name of his school for preachers. As I got to looking a little closer I discoverd that the introduction was written by Thomas Spurgeon, Charles Spurgeon's son. The publisher was Passmore and Alabaster. This was the same publisher used by Spurgeon for all of his material. Professor David Gracey was the principle of the Pastor's College in London. The book I purchased is the "Three Years' Course of Theological Lectures" delivered at the Pastor's College.

My copy was printed in 1894. There is a handwritten note on the inside that says, David Pragle, Liverpool, 16 'Oct. 1898 I suppose this was the original owner of the book. Haven't read it yet.

Another book I found at the same place is entitled Reminiscences of a Long Life. The author is Pendleton. I wondered if this could be Pendleton of Pendleton's Church Manuel. Sure enough it was. The book was published in 1891. And in fact on the inside front cover the following note is written:

To William .......... Procter and wife Alicia .......... Procter


Their uncle Benjamin F. Procter and wife Lila (Pendleton) Procter.

The copy I have was actually purchased by Bro. Pendleton's daughter and her husband for their Nephew and his wife. WOW!

We have been reading the book in family devotions. It is a great read, the kids are loving it. Of course I love it because it is giving some insight into Baptist history in the 1800's. This morning we just read a chapter that recounted the events surrounding a revival that was preached by J. R. Graves at Bro. Pendleton's church in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Shortly after this meeting Bro. Graves asked Bro. Pendleton to write an article on the question, "Ought Baptist to Recognize Pedobaptist Preachers as Gospel Minsters?"

He did and it created a firestorm. It was actually published under the title An Old Landmark Re-set. The title was chosen by Bro. Graves.

Bro. Pendleton said, "Baptist can never protest effectually against the errors of Pedobaptist while the preachers of the latter are recognized as gospel ministers. This to me is very plan."

It is also plain to me!

I looked up the article on the internet and provide this link for your reading enjoyment or consternation depending on your view of the issue!
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