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Monday, August 28, 2006

A Short Ode To My Daughter By Marriage

My son and his wife will be married one year this Wednesday. I want to go on record as saying that I love his wife and I am very glad she is part of our family. If she is half as glad as I am all is well!

Here is my feeble attempt at a tribute to her. This was included at the end of a personal letter that will be delivered to her later in the week.

Over the years I have been blessed
With four precious daughters not one less
They have catered to their dad
And only occasionally made him sad

Oh, what a mournful fate
That they will all have a wedding date
They will walk out of my life
Never knowing my strife

They will take another’s name
And hopefully bring it no shame
What’s my consolation?
What will quell my consternation?

It’s been partly done
In my firstborn son
He took a wife
She brightened my life

She chose our name
Though it carries no fame
I could think of none better
Her name is Heather

I Love You Heather!
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