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Friday, August 25, 2006

Very Interesting Comment

“I can tell which ones have a good heart and which ones have a prideful and haughty heart.”

This comment was made on a message board that I participated in earlier this morning. The context of the statement was people who have conservative views concerning dress/modesty. She knew some who held that view who had good hearts and others who had prideful hearts.

I do not doubt that she can tell this. I am surprised that she would say so. Why???

How can she tell which have a good heart and which have a prideful and haughty heart?

Can she see their heart? I don’t think she would argue that she could. If she can’t see their heart how can she tell which ones have good hearts and which ones have prideful and haughty hearts?

It would have to be by what she sees on the outside. For one it has to do with the way they are dressed, conservatively. Then the attitudes that they express supposedly because of the way they are dressed. I presume it is on observing these things that she can tell what kind of heart they have. Maybe the kind of things they say also factor into her being able to draw conclusions about what type of heart they have.

I really don’t have a problem with this. In fact I believe she has a moral obligation to exercise such discernment. She has judged here. She has judged at the deepest level, the content of their heart.

The reason I am surprised that she would say that is because if someone were to say I can tell who has a good heart and who has a worldly heart that person would be completely dismissed as a judgmental legalist. If a person draws the conclusion that a person has a worldly heart upon what do they base that conclusion? Can they see the heart? No, of course not. They base the conclusion on things such as how they are dressed, the attitudes they express, and the kinds of things they say. They draw conclusions about their heart based upon what they see on the outside.

Why is one a legalist and the other is not???

Why is one judging and the other is not???

Why is one judgmental and the other is not??

The way many people want to define legalism and legalist makes us all one.

In the discussion this morning the individual in question took a quote from my blog to which she had apparently taken offence.

"Now, how serious are we going to be about obeying and pleasing our father? This is going to be determined by how we live, dress, talk, entertainment choices, heart attitudes."

I cannot imagine what would be found objectionable about this comment. Is there any one who honestly believes it does not matter at all how we dress? It does not matter at all how we talk? It does not matter at all what we do for entertainment? It does not matter at all how we live? It does not matter at all about our heart attitudes?

What could possibly be wrong with this statement?

We all judge. We should, to the best of our understanding, make sure it is righteous judgment. Then, in the final Day of Judgment we will give account. We will all find out where we were wrong and where we were right.
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