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Friday, September 22, 2006

Agreeing With Two Liberal Democrats??!!

Or, maybe they are agreeing with me, I think that's it, their agreeing with me!

What was almost more surprising than the undignified rant of Mr. Chavez before the U.N. the other day was from whence President Bush received support. Charles Rangel liberal democratic Congressman from, I believe, New York and Nancy Pelosi, minority leader in the house. They both issued statement denying that President Bush was the devil and left the smell of sulpher in his wake. Hurray for them. Seems like it's a case of, "I can pick on my brother but don't anybody else think about it."

Honestly I was outraged at the content of Mr. Chavez's speech. I read it in it's entirety. I think Mrs. Pelosi is right he is a "thug". A communist thug at that! He's traveling the world hugging on the President of North Korea, Castro, Putin, the President of Iran.

I would never be a suitable candidate for the State Department. I would of had them pull Mr. Chavez's visa and sent him packing. Any foreign dignitary that raised a whimper about the "injustice of it all" would have had their visas pulled as well and sent packing. If they did not like it they could take their U. N. somewhere else and try to make a go of it without the United States.

Been fuming for three days about this. It seems to me there should have been more outrage in the media. It would be great if the United States would abandon the U. N. and pull a line out of the Nixon era. "You want have the United States to kick around anymore."
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