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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Bible - Final Authority

For the last several mornings during my devotion I have been reading through a sermon preached by C. H Spurgeon. The title of the sermon is "Election". While I do not agree with everything Bro. Spurgeon has to say about election I do agree with the following excerpt. In it he clearly expresses the proper view of evaluating everything on the basis of "thus saith the word of God".

"Do not be ashamed to learn, and to cast aside your old doctrines and views, but take up that which you may more plainly see to be in the word of God. but if you do not see it to be here in the Bible, whatever I may say, or whatever authorities I may plead, I beseech you as you love your souls, reject it; and if from this pulpit you ever hear things contrary to this sacred word, remember that the Bible must be the first, and God's minister must lie underneath it. We must not stand on the Bible to preach, but we must preach with the Bible above our heads. After all we have preached, we are well aware that the mountain of truth is higher than our eyes can discern; clouds and darkness are round about its summit, and we cannot discern its topmost pinnacle; yet we will try to preach it as well as we can. But since we are mortal and liable to err, exercise your judgment; "try the spirits whether they are of God;. . . ""
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