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Monday, September 25, 2006

What Does It Mean To Be A Man?

We receive the Pearl's periodical at our home and enjoy the challenging articles in it each month. We have learned a lot from the Pearls and appreciate their commitment to the King James Bible and Biblical principles of child-rearing. Their material in this area is full of practical instruction which is very profitably applied, if you have the courage and discipline to do so.

The following article by Michale Pearl I found to be very edifying and encouraging. I found myself throughout the article assenting to what he was writing. I could not agree more with his assessment of what it means to be a real man. I will have both of my boys read this article, my almost 17 year old and my married son and anyone else I can encourage to read it. May I encourage you to do so.

You can find it at the following link:[tt_news]=258&tx_ttnews[backPID]=7
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