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Monday, October 16, 2006

Books I Have Read

I thought it might be interesting to post a partial list of the book that I have read. I know I like to see what others have read. I often have wished that I had kept a log of all that I have read. More than that I wish I could remember everything I have read. Some people seem to be able to read something and remember it forever, not me?? This list is composed mostly of things I have read just since I have been married. I read some growing up but I was not an avid reader. I now love to read and never feel like I have enough time to read.

I use to read some fiction, but I don’t read fiction much anymore. I came to a place where I asked myself why would I read fiction when non-fiction is just as, if not more, exciting. When I read I want it to be profitable. I am not necessarily against reading for leisure but I am convinced that should be the exception instead of the rule. I have read a good number of westerns (Louis Lamour [that may not be spelled right]).

I am not one who reads my Bible through every year. I have a certain admiration for those who do but it is just not something that I have ever felt compelled to do. I do read my Bible most every day. For many years now I have read a chapter in Proverbs everyday. I read some in the New Testament and in the Old Testament most days. I have no idea how many times I have read the Bible because of the way I go about it. It is safe to say I have read it several times and large portions of it I have read numerous times. I have certainly read it more times than any other book.

The list is a little long but I think you can browse through the list and as a result have a little better understanding of who I am.

Proverbs 13:20 says, “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise . . . .” I have learned that I have the opportunity to walk with wise men through books, as well as in real life.

I hope that some of you may find this a little interesting. I will give the name of the book and the author’s last name.

Speaking Of Books - Kaplan & Rabinowitz
Passion For Books - Rabinowitz & Kaplan
The Survivors Club - Sherwood

Reformers And Their Stepchildren - Verduir
The History of the Ancient Waldenses and Albigenses – Faber
History of the Baptist – Orchard
A History of the Baptist 2 Vols. – Christian
Early Anabaptist Spirituality – Selected writings
Compendium of Baptist History – Shackleford
A Short History of Baptist – Vedder
Baptist History in the South – Lumplin
A Brief History of Baptist – Overby
Isaac Backus – McCloughlin
The Waldenses Were Independent Baptist – Williamson
The Baptist Story – Davis
America in Crimson Red - Beller
Christianity and Paganism in the Fourth to Eight Centuries – McMullen
A History of Christianity – Chadwick
Foxe’s Book Of Martyrs - Foxe – Read this three times
Valiant For Truth – Fuller

Carry A Big Stick – Grant – Biography of Theodore Roosevelt
Forgotten Founding Father – Mansfield – Biography of George Whitefield
Never Give In – Mansfield – Biography of Winston Churchill
The Darkness Fled – Mansfield – Biography of Booker T. Washington
Statesman and Saint – Vaughn – Biography of William Wilberforce
Give Me Liberty – Vaughn – Biography of Patrick Henry – Read this twice
Not a Tame Lion – Glaspey – Biography of C. S. Lewis
For Kirk and Covenant – Wilson – Biography of John Knox
Call of Duty – Wilkins – Biogropahy of Robert E. Lee – Read this twice
Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners – Bunyan
J. Hudson Taylor – Steer
To the Golden Shore – Anderson – Biography of Adonirum Judson
George Whitefield – Dallimore
Remincences of a Long Life – Pendleton
The Life of Abraham – Meyers
The Life of Paul – Meyers
The Life of Moses – Meyers
The Life of David – Meyers
The Life of Joseph – Meyers
Elijah: Prophet of Power - Keller
John Wesley: Servant Of God - Pollock
A Bold, Fresh Piece Of Humanity - O'Reily

Revival of Religion – Finney
Pilgrim’s Progress – Bunyan – Read this twice
The Overcoming Life – Moody
Philpot’s Sermons Vol. 3 – Philpot
Gaining Favor With God and Man – Thayer – Read this twice
A Tale of Three Kings – Edwards
Taming Tension – Keller
I seen him when he done it – Muller & Bennet
Winsome Christianity – Durbanville
Straight From the Horses Mouth – Ashcraft
By Divine Design – Pearl
Great Bible Words – Rogers
The Living God – Dehaan
Law or Grace – Dehaan
Why Does The Devil Desire To Damn You? – Greene
The Holiest of All – Murray
Ordering Your Private World – MacDonald
The Life God Blesses – McDonald
Bible Wines or the Laws of Fermentation – Patton
The Danger Of Self Love - Brownback
Faith Works - MacArthur
Sin And The Unfolding Of Salvation - Gracey
Holiness - Ryle
The Saint's Everlasting Rest - Baxter

Preaching With Purpose – Adams – Read this twice
Being Holy Being Human – Kesler
The Call and Ordaining Men to the Ministry – Humphrey
A Consumer’s Guide to Preaching – Adams
Preaching That Changes Lives – Fabarez
Effective Preaching – Lawrence
The Preacher and his Preaching – Gibbs
Preaching With Freshness – Mawhinny
Lincoln on Leadership – Phillips
Ministerial Ethics – Trull & Carter
The Ministry of God’s Word – Nee
God’s Standards for Pastors – Cloud
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – Garlow
Faithfulness of Deacons – Gilmore

The Seven Laws of Teaching – Gregory
The Pupil and the Teacher – Weigle
The Case For Classical Christian Education - Wilson

Fool’s Gold – MacArthur
Right From Wrong – McDowell
The Challenge of Post Modernism – Dockery
The Death of Truth – McCallum
The New Tolerance – McDowell
Man is the Measure – Geisler
Many Infallible Proofs – Morris
Defense of the Faith – Hunt
More Than a Carpenter – McDowell
Resurrection Factor – McDowell
Mere Christianity – Lewis

How to Counsel From the Scripture – Bobgan
Competent to Counsel – Adams
Psychoheresy – Bobgan
Our Sufficiency in Christ – MacArthur
Shepherding God’s Flock – Adams
The Christian Counselors Manuel – Adams

Morning and Evening – Spurgeon
Grace Abounding in a Believer’s Life – Spurgeon
The Holy Spirit in a Believer’s Life – Spurgeon
The Power of the Cross of Christ – Spurgeon
Spiritual Warfare in a Believer’s Life – Spurgeon
The Power of Christ’s Prayer Life – Spurgeon
A Passion For Holiness in a Believer’s Life – Spurgeon
The Power of Prayer in a Believer’s Life – Spurgeon
The Triumph of Faith in a Believer’s Life – Spurgeon
The Power of Christ’s Tears – Spurgeon
The Power of Christ’s Second Coming – Spurgeon
Finding Peace in Life’s Storms – Spurgeon
Lectures to my Students – Spurgeon
All-round Ministry – Spurgeon
12 Sermons on Commitment – Spurgeon
The Shadow of the Broad Brim – Day – Biography of Spurgeon
Spurgeon Heir of the Puritans – Bacon
Spurgeon’s Sermons on Proverbs – Spurgeon
Flowers From a Puritan’s Garden – Spurgeon
Joy in Christ’s Presence – Spurgeon
The Soul Winner – Spurgeon
The Practice of Praise – Spurgeon
All of Grace – Spurgeon
Words of Wisdom – Spurgeon
John Ploughman’s Talks – Spurgeon
Being God’s Friend – Spurgeon
The Gospel – Spurgeon
Quoting Spurgeon - Spurgeon
The Forgotten Spurgeon – Murray
Spurgeon's Sermons Vol. 1
Spurgeon's Sermons Vol. 2
Men and Women of the New Testament - Spurgeon

The Day Music Died – Larson
Living Hymn Stories – Kankel

Things To Come – Pentecost
Planet Earth 2000 A.D. – Lindsey
A Cup of Trembling – Hunt
How Close Are We? – Hunt
A Woman Rides The Beast – Hunt

The World: Playground or Battleground – Tozer
The Knowledge of the Holy – Tozer
The Pursuit of God – Tozer
The Best of A. W. Tozer – Tozer
Renewed Day by Day – Tozer
A Treasury of Tozer – Tozer
I Call It Heresy - Tozer

Power Through Prayer – Bounds – Read this twice
Prayer and Praying Men – Bounds
The Necessity of Prayer – Bounds
The Possibilities of Prayer – Bounds

The Remarkable Record of Job – Morris
Creation Evangelism – Ham
The Answers Book – Ham
One Blood – Ham – Read this twice
Refuting Evolution – Sarfati

Ceasar: The Conquest of Gaul – Handford
A Survey of Israel’s History – Wood
Manners and Customs of Bible Lands – Wight

The Raising of a President – Wead
Truman – McCullough
The Great Bridge - McCullough
Slouching Toward Gommorah – Bork
What Hath God Wrought – Grady
Lincoln’s Greatest Speech – White
The Story of Little Big Horn – Grahm
Second Treatise On Government – Locke
In Honored Glory – Bigler
America’s Christian History – Demar
The Myth of Separation – Barton
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
The Law – Bastait – Read this twice
The Ideological Origins Of The American Revolution - Bernard Bailyn
Benjamin Rush – Barton
Faith of our Founding Fathers – LaHaye
Life of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence – Lossing
The American Presidents – Whitney
America: Narrative History – Tindall
America’s God and Country – Federer
The Great Debate – Van Doren
1776 – McCullough
The Story of Liberty – Coffin
Sweet Land of Liberty - Coffin
Persecution – Limbaugh
John Adams – McCullough
Posterity: Letters of Great Americans to their Children – Lawson
The Sinking of the Titanic – Marshall
Animal Farm - Orwell
Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis - Jimmy Carter
The Path Between The Seas - McCullough
Mornings On Horseback - McCullough
John C. Calhoun: An American Portrait - Coit
The Triumph Of Nationalism - Murphy
The Tempting Of America - Bork
The Life of Andrew Jackson - Remini
Passionate Nation: The Epic History Of Texas - Haley
Nothing Like It In The World: The Men Who Built The Transcontinental Railroad - Ambrose
The Five Thousand Year Leap - Skousen
A Patriot's History Of The United States - Schweikart and Allen
The End of Barbary Terror - Leiner
The Battle For New York - Schecter
A County of Vast Designs (James K. Polk) - Merry
Brave Companions - McCullough
Mayflower - Philbrick
Undaunted Courage - Ambrose
Lone Star Nation - Brands
American Creation - Ellis
Founding Brothers - Ellis
Washington: The Indispensable Man - Flexner

John Bell Hood and the War for Southern Independence
Recollections and Letters of Robert E. Lee – Captain Lee – His son
Civil War Curiosities – Garrison
The Humorous Lincoln – Jenison
May I Quote You Stonewall Jackson
May I Quote You General Lee
May I Quote You General Forrest
May I Quote You General Longstreet
Storm Over The Land - Sandburg

Occult Invasion – Hunt
The Seducing of Christianity – Hunt
Beyond Seduction – Hunt
Babylon: Mystery Religion – Woodrow
The Other Side of Rome – Wilder
The Kingdom of the Cults – Martin
Election Made Plain – Ballard
The Bondage of the Will – Luther

Lost Words of Saints and Sinners – Lockyer
The Everlasting Righteousness – Bonar
True Discipleship – MacDonald
The Master Plan of Evangelism – Coleman
The Soul Winners Fire – Rice
How To Win Souls – Rice
With Christ After the Lost – Scarborough
Eternal Impact: Investing in the Lives of Men - Phil Downer
Way Of The Master - Comfort
Twelve Ordinary Men - MacArthur

The Strong-willed Child – Dobson
The Patriarch’s Call – Arnold
Christian Living in the Home – Adams
Fidelity – Wilson
Safely Home – Eldredge
Reforming Marriage – Wilson
Federal Husband – Wilson
Shepherding a Child’s Heart – Tripp
Her Hand in Marriage – Wilson
Future Men – Wilson
My Life For Yours – Wilson
To Train Up A Child – Pearl
No Greater Joy Vol. 2 – Pearl
The Birth Order Book – Leman
Growing Up God’s Way- Stormer

Let’s Weigh the Evidence – Burton
Which Version is the Bible – Jones
The King James Version Defended – Hill
New Age Versions – Riplinger
The Scholarship Only Controversy – Ruckman
God Wrote Only One Bible – Ray
True or False? – Fuller
Which Bible? Fuller
The Bible Doctrine of Inspiration – Manly
Final Authority – Grady
God's Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible - Nicolson
In The Beginning: The Story of the King James Bible and How it Changed a Nation, a Language, and a Culture - McGrath

Christian Attire – Tottingham
Separation and Nonconformity – Berry & Hortzler
Separation Throughout Church History – McGrath
Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America – Pollard
Biblical Separation: Responsibility, Option, or Heresy – Cloud
Dressing For The Lord - Cloud
A Perfect Fit (Clothes, Character and the Promise of America) - Joselit

Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches – Hiscox
Why Be A Baptist – Taylor
The Ballard/Borden Debate
Alien Baptism and the Baptist – Nivens
The Case For Independent Baptist Churches – Moser
Crying in the Wilderness – Phillips
The Church and the Ordinances – Kazee
Biblical Baptist Missions – Dearmore
The Church That Jesus Built – Mason
New Testament Ecclesiology – Rector
The Universal Invisible Church Theory Exploded – Mason
House of God – Godsoe
Purpose Driven Church – Warren
Biblical Missions – Dearmore
What on Earth is the Church – Mainous
Baptist Thorough Reformers – Adams – Read this twice

2 Timothy 4:13 - The cloke that I left at Troas with Carpus, when thou comest, bring with thee, and the books, but especially the parchments.
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