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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Brazoria County Fair

Brazoria county because the Brazos River terminates in this county into the Gulf of Mexico.

Even though we live in town it is a mostly rural county. Most people live in town but there is lots of farm and ranch land. Lots of rice farming and ranching. I have not been to the fair since I was a child. I think we went once when I was growing up. Admmitedly I was a little afraid to go to the fair not knowing for sure what to expect and not wanting to find myself in an uncomfortable situation. Well, last year I took a couple of groups of students out there during the day for field trips. I realized that it seemed to be safe enough during the day. I decided it would be a great place to take Lydia Rose my youngest daughter since she has a love for animals and there were lots of animals. So..............we have been planning since last year to go.

Yesterday we went. Michele went with us because I like her to go everywhere with me. Kimberly went with us because no one else would be at home. Olivia was working at the Library and Daniel was helping his brother work on the car and the house. So it was the four of us. We had fun!

Watched a large group of kids get some training on how to judge animals.
Went to a petting zoo with goats, lambs, lama, camel, turtle, hedgehog, donkey.
Saw chickens, cows, pigs, rabbits, turkeys, ducks, texas longhorns, goats, lambs.
Because is was the second to the last day of the fair we were able to see the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion in each catagory.
We got to see them judging several animals. It interesting hearing them talk about all of the different elements of a cow that make it good or bad????
We watched about an hour of a horse riding contest.
Lydia rode a pony.
I watched a guy carve very intricate designs out of logs with a chain-saw. It was not only interesting but amazing what he could do with a log and a chain-saw.
We looked in a mobil home and a travel trailer.
We looked at the art work that had been submitted by students from the schools in the county. Some of it was amazingly good, at least I thought so. I was surprised.
Two of us had a hamburger and fires, one of us had a hotdog and fries and one of us had nachos.
We had deep-fried oreos! They were goooooood! Probably wouldn't want to eat them everyday, but we were at the fair.
Lydia had cotton-candy.
We watched part of a cattle auction.

We all had fun although it probably gets a little wilder in the evening. Next year I think I want to see the rodeo.

We spent about 6 hours there and enjoyed it...........Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehawwwwwww
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