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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hire A Pack Of Thieves, Prostitutes, And Drug Addicts

The following is another quote from the book Eternal Impact by Phil Downer. Sorry if you find it offensive but not tooooo sorry. I can't help but agree with him.

"A man can send his kids to the finest schools, attend the most Christ-centered church he can find, wash his car to set an example of cleanliness, mow his lawn so he's a model for the neighborhood, and then go out and hire a pack of theives, prostitutes, and drug addicts to come entertain him and his family in his living room. Not only do most television programming fill our hearts with the smut of the world; we also become unusable vessels as we are shaped by the culture, and we demonstrate to our children what is most important to us. When you are glued to the TV, watching a scantily dressed actress wooing over her male companion, your daughter receives deep and lasting signals about the appropriate attire and conduct to attract and please men. Your son sits there feeling lust welling up in his heart, then looks over at you and assumes either such feeling are good or that your're dead. Your wife passes through, sees the young babes on TV and, having borne children, realizes there is no way she can compete with the 18-year old models enrapturing her husband. . . . .

Who has ever gotten anything posititive from the television? Sure, there is breaking news, though it always comes from man's perspective. And there are sports, though many of us have probably felt the twinge of having totally wasted hours in front of the tube after the game. Occasionally there is even a movie or an educational program the whole family can enjoy together. But if we're really honest with ourselves, most of the things on television are total rot. Time is short and we ought to be redeeming it. As a spiritual man, set an example for your family and your Timothys to follow. Cut the garbage out of your life. Turn off the tube and help them do the same."

Provided for your honest contemplation!
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