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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm Offended

We pulled up to the local convenince store after church this evening. Three of the children were in the store. My wife, my youngest daughter, and myself was sitting in the van with the windows down. A couple of spaces over there was about five young men standing around a Ford F150.

They were simply loitering. They began to use vile, degrading language. I listened to it a couple of time and I told them to watch their language; that I had my wife and daughter in the car. My wife was actually sitting closer to them than I was. They just looked at me. Then they continued to use their vile language. I told them I was calling the police, they said call them. I did.

I am sick and tired of people thinking they can use any language they choose in a public place and degrade everyone around them while they unveil their wicked, depraved hearts. People are offended at the Ten Commandments, public prayer, public display of a Bible, etc, etc.... Well, I am offended at the kind of language some people use. Language that is an offence to all decent people, of which no doubt there are few left. We tolerate it and continue to get more of it.

The police came. The men did not leave. I'm sure they did not want to seem like they were running, they were too tough for that. I stayed waiting for the police to arrive. When they drove up I got out, flagged them down and pointed out the culprits. They asked if I could point out the offenders. I went to the truck and pointed out the three that I know used the word. I was not going to be intimidated by these thugs! I would gladly stand my ground and and allow them to face their accuser eye ball to eye ball. The police officer had me go to the van. A few minutes later he said if we would like to come over to the truck they wanted to apologize. My wife, my daughter and myself went to the truck. They did apologize. I am under no illusion that they were repentant, but they were temporarily humbled, and a couple of them did seem somewhat sincere, when they had to face my daughter. I gave them a brief rebuke about talking like that in public and especially in front of women and children, and accepted their apology. The police officer asked if I wanted to do anything else, like file a complaint which I opted not to do.

I'm sure the young men probably drove off having a good laugh over it all. I hope tonight in their quiet moments before they drift off to sleep they might be given occasion to think back over what happen and maybe just maybe bemoan their vileness.
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