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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mistaking Immaturity For Maturity

I am reading a couple of books right now. The Path Between The Seas by David McCullough. It is a book about the construction of the Panama Canal. I am only reading a couple of times a week in this book and it is about 700 pages long if I remember correctly so it will be a while. When I am through I will give you my assessment of it.

I am also reading Eternal Impact: Investing In The Lives Of Men by Phil Downer. I will probably be writing a review of this book some time next week. As I was reading last night I came across a very interesting statement that I believe is very true. Thought I would share it with you.

"A church made up of immature believers soon begins mistaking immaturity for maturity. They substitute carnality for holiness, losing their ability to impact the world for God's purposes."

Now that is thought provoking. Was this not the trouble with the church at Laodecia in Revelation three. "Because thou sayest", "and knowest not". These two statements sum up the problem with the church at Laodecia. What they were saying about themselves was not an accurate picture of their true condition. Could it be that they were mistaking their immaturity for maturity??? Consequently they were lukewarm. The Lord was inclined to spue them out of his mouth.

Food for thought!
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