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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Post Number One Hundred

One hundred of my favorite things not necessarily in any particular order:

My wife of almost 25 years
My daughter Sara
My son by marriage, John
My son Caleb
My daughter by marriage, Heather
My daughter Olivia
My son Daniel
My daughter Kimberly
My daughter Lydia Rose
My three grandchildren, James, Thomas, Evelyn
My parents
My brothers
My good friends at Faith Baptist Church
My King James Bible
Baptist people
The opportunity to teach and preach God's Word
The opportunity to Pastor one of the Lord's Churches
Driving a school bus
The state of Virginia
The state of Alaska
Visiting the mission field
Air conditioning
Working with my boys
Meditating in my office
Blue Bell ice cream
My beard
David McCullough's books
Studying the Bible
Baptist History
Looking at pictures
Having a part in helping others attain spiritual maturity
Grilled hamburgers
My mom's fried chicken and mashed potatoes
The Lone Star State TEXAS
November through April on the Texas Gulf Coast
The flag of the United States of America
Conservative commentary
People who do not quit
Boomer, our dog
My wife's flower gardens
My wife's eclectic flair
Three daughter's at home that love to wait on their Dad
Crabb's English Synonyms
Webster's Thesaurus
General Robert E. Lee
John Adams
George Washington
The Lincoln Memorial
New York City
Big trucks
Church camping trips at Brazos Bend
The feeling I get after I ride my bike
Beating Daniel at racquetball
Beating anyone at chess
The Alamo
Ronald Reagan
My pastor for eight years, Bro. P.D. Taylor
Cold fronts
High speed internet
Living in the town where I grew up
Having something to stand for
Arlington Cemetery
Falling asleep in my recliner
Taking a nap on Sunday afternoon
Wearing boots
Saltgrass Steak House
Long summer days
Dallas Cowboys
Houston Astros
Being on time
Real butter
Freshly ground pepper
Olivia's cheesecake
Button-up shirts
Neck ties
Home school book fair
Lots of kids in church
Being entrusted with tough decisions
Getting over a disappointment or a setback
Beating my wife or Heather in Scrabble
Texas sunsets
Western/rustic d├ęcor
My three pillows
Blankets in the winter
New tires
Coming home
Used book stores
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