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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The last five months of this year we are emphasizing a different subject utilizing our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services to that end. Also we have one Sunday scheduled for all day services, when we have a meal together and we are using the whole day to press home the theme for the month.

In August it was prayer, in September it was stewardship, this month it is evangelism. In the context of evangelism I have perused Spurgeon's book, The Soulwinner for highlighted sections from a previous reading that I could display at church for the purpose of challenging our people to consider the matter of soulwinning.

I share some of the quotes from Spurgeon's book for you consideration.

"Rely implicitly in the old, old gospel"

"A soul-winner can do nothing without God"

"A man who is to be a soul-winner must have holiness of character"

"I do beseech you brethren, speak from your hearts, or else do not speak at all"

"What earnestness our theme deserves! We have to tell of an earnest savior, and earnest heaven, and an earnest hell"

"You cannot do much with a man if he will not speak about religion"

"We do not set before men their real danger as we should"

"I hope you believe in the old-fashioned way of saving souls. Everything appears to be shaken nowadays, and shifted from the old foundations"

"Our object is to turn the world upside down"

"We are aiming for a miracle"

"The one thing you have to do is to bear witness to the truth"

"Brethren, we must tell men that there is a pressing need of a savior"

"He that pleads for Christ should himself be moved with the prospect of the judgment day"
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