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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Corruption And Freedom

I started reading a book a couple of nights ago entitled, The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution. It is written by Bernard Bailyn. Last night I read a very interesting chapter entitled Power and LIberty: A Theory of Politics. When I finish reading the book I will attempt to give an overview of this chapter but for now I simply wanted to share a quote, without comment, that really caught my attention. Make of it what you will!

In 1762 Charles Carroll of Carrollton wrote from his home in Maryland to a friend in England that the English constitution was,

"hastening to its final period of dissolution, and the symptoms of a general decay are but too visible. Sell your estate in England and purchase lands in this province where liberty will maintatin her empire till a dissoluteness of morals, luxury, and venality shall have prepared the degenerate sons of some future age to prefer their own mean lucre, the bribes, and the smiles of corruption and arbitrary minister to partiotism, to glory, and to the public weal. No doubt the same causes will produce the same effects, and a period is already set to the reign of American freedom; but that fatal time seems to be at a great distance. The present generation at least, and I hope many succeeding ones, in spite of a corrupt Parliament, will enjoy the blessing and the sweets of liberty."
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