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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I get a C-

I didn't do very well last month. I made a commitment not to complain about the weather, and I complained anyway. I do not care one little bit for the month October down here on the coast. The days can be: warm, lukewarm, humid, still and gray, hot and humid, lukewarm and humid and MAYBE a few cool days here and there. Then when a cool front does blow in, it blows all the allergens and ragweed from Kansas and Oklahoma right into my nose.
I compare South-Texas Autumns with the ones I grew up with. I lived in Kansas most of my October things got frosty, chilly, nippy and just plain cool. If I could JUST forget that, I might do better. When I talk to my mom in October, I should just avoid the weather.
I also think of going up North in October. If we do go North, we always do it in Autumn. The leaves up there are glorious. (on OR off the trees) Our leaves down here don't fall off the trees sometimes until the end of February. We have trucks that spray for mosquitos, they have trucks that pick up leaves. If I ever move to New York, I want to work in Central Park Leaf Control.
I am a sun-shiny person. I try very hard not to be what I call 'driven' by the weather. I drag around on the ugly days and dance around on the pretty ones. I can sew 3 jumpers, clean a closet, do school, clean a bathroom on a day when a cool wind is coming in our windows. On those ugly October days, I can hardly push the button on my coffee-maker.
I do have some consolation though......November, Radishes and Avocados.
I always know that November is coming which usually means more cool days than those draggy depressing lukewarm humid days. (Our garage floor can look like it was literally sprayed with the water hose it is so humid.)
I planted radish seeds in September and I have picked about 15 beautiful radishes.
I also have an avocado tree that is bearing big fruit, and lots of it.
Well, I can be brave now. October is over and it IS November.
If you ever want to come visit us, do not come in October. Come in March.
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