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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Tyranny Of Taxation

Another quote from The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution for your thoughtful consideration! This is from the chapter entitled The Logic Of Rebellion. The following quote is from a pamphlet by John Dickinson. The author suggests that it was the most influential pamphlet published in Amercia before 1776.

"Nothing is wanted at home but a precedent, the force of which shall be established by the tacit submission of the colonies . . . If the Parliament succeeds in the attempt, other statuets will impose other duties . . . and thus the Parliament will levy upon us such sums of money as they choose to take, without any other limitations than their pleasure."

Insert the word "Congress" for "Parliament" and you have the modern day application of the argument.

He was arguing that although the taxes being levied, for example the stamp act, were relatively small that was the most dangerous kind. His argument is that because they were so small "they would be more easily acceptable to the incautious, with the result that a precedent would be established for making still greater inroads on liberty and property."

Someone said, "The power to tax is the power to destroy." It was not until February 3,1913 when the 16th ammendment to the Constitution was ratified that Congress had the power to levy taxes on income. They argued that it would be a small tax, I think it was around 1%. But now they had the power.

The 16th ammendment needs to be repealed and that would quite naturally place most governing in the context of the States where it belongs. Well.........its a thought!
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