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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why Mobunny?

Over 25 years ago, I had a friend, (she's still my friend) call me Mo.
Quite a few years back, I started collecting rabbits. Not just any rabbits, they have to have personality. I don't care for pink rabbits with colored baskets attached to them. My family even bought me a real rabbit. I named her Amelia and called her Millie. She was a beautiful Rex. She loved to eat clover I would pick for her in the back yard. It was always fun to take her apple pieces and tops of radishes. She died a couple years ago on July 26th giving birth to her babies. Woops. There I go again. Chasing rabbits.
Because I like rabbits and my friends call me mo.......we put it together and came up with Mobunny.
Remember a long time ago when your name was all you needed? You didn't need a password, or a hundred of them, you didn't need an identity, you had your drivers license, you didn't need to call yourself anything, you were mom and your name. You didn't have to come up with something to call your blog, we didn't even know what a blog was, little lone HAVE one. E-mail, what is e-mail?
I remember setting up our first Juno e-mail account!!!! That was the first time I didn't use my real name to identify myself. That's when I needed Mobunny. Some people used their names, but I wasn't going to. That would be drab. No fun. I love to think of names and nicknames.
If you get a bunny, a kitty, a horse or a dog, just let me know and I'm sure I can help you with a name.
I have one myself that I'd like to use on a little doggie........Patchouli Ruffina.
My last dog's name was Coonrod. PaPa called him Doorknob.
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