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Sunday, December 24, 2006

And Two Paths Crossed

A while back someone asked how my wife and I met, I believe it was Zan. I have been trying to concoct some story about a moonlit night on the French Rivera. You know, something about the shimmering water lapping at the bank of the river as it made its way slowly past the juncture where two paths crossed, two lives melted into one. But.........our story is actually a lot plainer than that, but it is our story. We will have to save the French Rivera for another time??

Michele and I are from different backgrounds. She is a Kansas girl by birth (and Texan by choice). She was raised in rural Kansas in a small (very small) town with dirt roads. See if you can find Seward on a map. It is there. She was not raised in a Christian home and came to know the Lord through the influence of her married sister and brother-in-law. I believe that was at the age of 19 or 20. I, on the other hand, am a Texas boy by birth and choice. I was born in Houston, Texas and mostly raised on the Texas Gulf Coast in the town where I now live after having lived for eight years in the Dallas area. I was raised in a Christian home where we went to church and believed the Bible. I was active in ministry from an early age. I came to know the lord at the age of seven and surrendered my life to gospel ministry at the age of 14. I was raised with three brothers of which I am the oldest. Michele was raised with one sister of which she is the youngest.

Our paths crossed in Dallas Texas. We had both moved to Dallas to attend a small Independent Baptist College in that city. It was actually in the Oak Cliff section of town. She arrived on the scene about a year before me. I arrived on the scene in August of 1981. That put us at the same school. As it turned out we ended up at the same church as well. She had just moved her membership from the church that was responsible for the school to a church on the other side of town close to Seagoville. After visiting several churches in the area my membership also ended up in the church that was over by Seagoville. (southeast Dallas)

The school and the place where we lived were about a 30 minute drive from church. At the time there were quite a few students who were going to school there in Oak Cliff and attending the church over by Seagoville. The result was a lot of carpooling. I never really liked to ride, I liked to drive and still do. Consequently, I was often taking three or four folks with me especially on Wednesday evenings. There was at least a couple of occasions when Michele was among that number. One Wednesday evening as we were returning from church (me, Michele, Shelly, and Mike) the girls got to complaining about my driving. I was threatening to make them walk the rest of the way home. Of course I would never have done that. It was all in fun. If I remember correctly I actually pulled over to the side of the road and offered to let them get out Hehe! Of course my driving was not that bad. I didn't think so. In retrospect they probably had a point. Anyhow......... Michele was sitting with Shelly in the back seat and apparently she did not think it was funny. I had no idea at the time that anyone was taking anything seriously..........dropped everyone off and went home.

Well, a few days after that Michele caught me on the sidewalk between classes and between buildings and said she was sorry for being mad at me?? I didn't know what she was talking about?? She explained and we ended up on that day sitting on the stairs at the dorms spending about two hours talking. It happened to be November 5th. We remember this because November 5th was the day I was saved as a seven year old boy. It is my spiritual birthday and also the day where two paths crossed.

Well after we went our separate ways I thought that was nice. At the time I was working at a warehouse that shipped products for Sweetheart cup. The hours were like from 4 to 11 PM. That night when I got back to the dorms there was an envelope on the coffee table in the front room. I took it to the bedroom to read it and it was from Michele wishing me a happy spiritual birthday. I think she "accidentally" dropped it in perfume before she gave it to me. I thought, in the words of Jimmy Stewart on It's A Wonderful Life, "hmmmmmm, very interestin' situation"

I believe it was the next day or maybe the day after that that I went to her place of employment which happened to be a bridal shop and asked her to to accompany me to dinner that weekend. She agreed. Yeeehawwww! That was early November. We were engaged at the first of January and married at the end of May. We were married seven months after we met.

Michele says that she did not like me at all to begin with and that the Lord simply changed her heart toward me, boy is she ever lucky???!!! Good thing she was listening to Him she could have got stuck with some jerk.... Of course I say and have told the kids from the beginning and anyone else who will listen that she chased me down. And she did!! Down the sidewalk at that little school we were attending. Her response is that I didn't run very fast. If you were to ask our kids how we met I think they would probably tell you that Mom chased Dad down and he did not run very fast. Truth is I didn't know I had any reason to run at the time, and by the time I did it was too late!

We were married May 28th 1982. I was 19 and she was 22.
Sara was born March 19 1983
Caleb was born February 16 1985
Olivia was born March 16 1987
Daniel was born December 28 1989
Kimberly was born August 20th 1992
Lydia Rose was born November 23rd 1996

So we have six children, one son by marriage, one daughter by marriage, three grand kids, one dog, two cats, two birds, and flowers planted all around. We have many friends scattered all over the world, a wonderful church of which I have the privilege to Pastor.

My wife and I have the best relationship of anyone I know. I love to shop not for shopping sake but because I love to be with her and occasionally there is a store that I really like. We both like junk stores. We are friends. We don't always agree, sometimes she is wrong?? We talk, we read, we love to celebrate anniversaries, next year will be 25! Yipeee! I lead in our home and she is a faithful and loving help meet. I love her and shower her with as many good things as I can and she respects and honors me.

All of this because two paths crossed! And I thank God that they did!
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