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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Books, Books, And More Books

My son and I attended a safety and security training session with Dominos Pizza this morning. On the way to drop my son off at his house I saw that my wife was parked at the SPCA. It is basically a thrift store that helps support the SPCA in our area. She frequents the place which is only open on weekends and I browse occasionally, usually at the books. I stopped by to see what she was up to and whatdaya know I ended up looking at the books. For $4.00 I purchased the following:

The Army of the Potomac: Mr. Lincoln's Army
The Army of the Potomac: Glory Road
The Army of the Potomac: A Stillness At Appomattox
all of these are authored by Bruce Catton

1787: The Grand Convention by Clinton Rossiter
How The Pope Became Infallible by August Hasler
The subtitle for this one is Pius IX and the Politics of Persecution
Pictorial Bible Atlas by E. M. Blaicklock
Archaeology Of The Bible by Magnus Magnusson
Caesar and Christ by Will Durant

One day.........????
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