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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Example Of Herod

Long years ago in a land far away
A tyrant ruled, his scepter held sway
He was a king, he ruled for Rome
All that he did was to sought to be known

He took James one of the sons of thunder
With the sword of his wrath the church he plundered.
The Jews of the day were sorely pleased
In the taking of Peter he hoped to appease.

In the face of Peter’s deliverance
It was difficult to keep up appearance.
When Peter, Herod could not find
He had the guards killed to ease his mind.

Herod quickly fled the scene
What he had attempted to do was obscene
To Caesarea he went to make his abode
As it turns out it was a fateful road.

With Tyre and Sidon the tyrant was displeased
The people sought him out, his pleasure to receive.
On his throne in royal apparel
He lifted his voice it went forth as a carol.

The words that he spoke, the fine oration
Caused the people to worship in adoration.
The “voice of a god,” they shouted in unison
Accolades he received it was his last act of treason.

The glory he stole from the God of heaven and earth
How it would cause him to curse the day of his birth.
The mighty angel of God brought judgment down
Before the day was up he had lost his crown.

Eaten of worms what a dreadful sight
The people in horror as they witnessed his plight
He gave up the ghost, was brought very low
All of his glory was but a show.

As the darkness descended on this tyrant’s brow
The words of the true God were on the march now.
They multiplied and grew, they continued on
Herod’s final battle could not be won.

Herod was silenced, before God he must stand
While the word of God reached across the land.
He spoke as a god or though they thought
But when all was said and done he was brought to naught.

Tyrants often against the Word of God have sided
But it is always the Word of God that ultimately abided.
A tyrant’s throne is a temporary glory
While the Word of God carries a perpetual story!
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