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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Am I Wrong For Thinking Others Are Wrong?

I don't think so!

It is a matter of being logical! Interestingly we have become such a permissive society and toleration has been heralded as the crowning virtue for so long that to say anyone is wrong is frowned upon by some and soundly criticized and condemned by others. So nothing is wrong but to say someone else is wrong???? What is interesting is that those who contend that you should not say others are wrong then face an insurmountable dilemma when they find people like me who do believe others are wrong and at times will say so. Now what are they to do?? Are they to declare me wrong. To do so is to defeat their own position. Very frustrating for them!

It reminds me of one of the opening scene from Fiddler On The Roof. The men of the town are gathered and an issue comes up on which one of the men expresses an opinion. One of the other men says "you are right." Then another man states a differing opinion, and again the second man say "you are right." Then another man says, "they can't both be right," and the second man then exclaims, "You are also right." Any reasonable, logical person would see the absurdity of such a position, that two opposing views are equally right.

It is the fruit of a society who has abandoned any pretense to absolutes. Those of us who have not are a thorn in their side. In fact it is always interesting to me that those who believe in no absolutes are "absolutely" sure there are not absolutes. How can this be? Are there absolutes or not? Of course there are, they simply want us to accept theirs. But we can't of course, because they are wrong, they are in error.

Now when there are two opposing views it is entirely possible that both parties are wrong, but they cannot both be right. Logic demands this position. Of course the only way to know that one is absolutely right about anything is to know everything, all the time, at the same time. In other words the only way to know you are right is to be God. So that rules everyone out but Jesus. So how can we ever know we are right, is it possible? Well, God has revealed truth in his word. In the Bible we have the word of one who knows all things, all the time, at the same time. So if I believe his word then I can be certain of some things.

Now if you choose to believe the Bible is not God's word that is your prerogative. But know this that you will be set adrift on a sea of uncertainty and will be carried wherever the currents turn you. You, my friend, will never know anything for sure. For those of us that believe the Bible is the word of God then we have a sure foundation. Consequently we can know some things for sure. The fact that people disagree concerning what the Bible says leaves me undaunted. Again we cannot all be right.

I have had a friend discuss with me on this very blog the legitimacy of baptizing babies. My position is that babies are not to be baptized. His position is that babies are to be baptized. We are not both right. He is wrong. I'm sure he is not surprised that I think so. He would say that I am wrong. I am certainly not surprised that he thinks so. And to go a step further I am not offended that he thinks I am wrong. I would be highly skeptical if he discovered that I took a different position than him on the subject of baptizing babies and he did not think I was wrong. So....we disagree. So be it. We have argued some of the points and we still disagree. But we are not both right. We will each give account for the conclusions we have drawn from the Sacred Volume. But it would be pretending and illogical to conclude that neither of us is wrong!

There are some things I am more sure about than others. There are somethings I just don't know. It seems that some people want others to wallow in their uncertainty with them. Where I am certain, I have no problem believing others are wrong and at times and under the right circumstances saying so.

The truth is, everyone believes that those who do not agree with them are wrong. I have the courage to say so, they don't! Some have staked out such a position of absurdity that they can't say anyone is wrong. But don't be deceived. Just because they can't say it does not mean they don't believe it. At no time is this more apparent than when they face someone who is willing to say others are wrong.

Do you disagree?? That's OK you can be wrong!
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