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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Just a Paragraph

Winter was the testing time, the hard time of relentless cold, keening winds, and silent, endless snow. Day after day it fell, sifting down into the forest gently or driving straight across the lakes on the icy river of the wind. Imperceptibly it gathered, inch on inch, foot on foot, until the whole country was unrecognizable within the heavy swaddling. All harshness of outline disappeared beneath scrolls and buttresses of wind-carved marble. Rough ledges merged smoothly with the softer contours around them, and the starkness of leafless trees was concealed with garlands and scarfs of white. When the sun came out between storms, it was on a glittering new world of alabaster, shadowed in lavender and arched over by a sky of turquoise. It was a world new to the ear as well as to the eye. All the small sounds--the crackle of undergrowth, the fall of a pine cone, the whispering of a brook--were silenced.

From the book: The Natural World of Louise Dickinson Rich. (this isn't the best book I have ever read, but I can't seem to put it down because she talks about fireflies and leaves)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Beautiful snow! It snowed here two years ago on Christmas Eve. It was the most beautiful snow I have ever seen because it in such short supply around here. It came down in flakes the size of fifty-cent pieces and was just plumb full of sparkles. We all kept thinking that SURELY it will stop, but it snowed until about 3 the next morning. It was perfect. It could be formed into a perfect wasn't that grainy dry useless stuff.
All the kid cousins got to throw snowballs and play at PaPa and Granny's house on Christmas day. Olivia and Daniel got up early that morning and played in the dawn........they knew it would probably be a once in a lifetime deal. You should have seen the snowmen around town. People down here do not know how to make snowmen. They can't help it. They just don't have any practice.
We still have two snowballs in the freezer we saved. Proof. If somebody did DNA on the treasure in our freezer, they would know it was real snow.
If it never snows again down here, at least it did during my lifetime. It was a glorious 3 days. That's about how long it lasted.
We have pictures and snowballs............and best of all.........MEMORIES.
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