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Saturday, December 09, 2006

What Ever Happened To The Presumption Of Innocence?

The following is the response that I sent to the local paper to the above editorial. People are way to occupied with sports, entertainment, making money, and the like to have any concern with gaurding their liberties. The people who are suppose to be the gaurdians of it are often times and have historically been the very ones who plunder it.

Red lights now murder charges next???

The red light cameras being proposed in Lake Jackson are a violation of one of the most basic, fundamental rights we have as American citizens. That is the presumption of innocence.

Mrs. Mintz, in her recent editorial, says they would be a good idea if, “there is a clear, convenient process by which people can protest a camera-initiated citation on grounds the vehicle has been stolen, sold or that someone else was driving.” She is arguing that if the person can prove they are innocent then the charges should be dismissed.

If the city is going to bring charges then the burden rests with them to prove the charges. Since when, in America, must a person prove their innocence? Has liberty been enjoyed for so long that people have forgotten how tyranny exercises itself.

Who wants to live under a government where the authorities can bring charges and you are presumed guilty unless you can prove otherwise? This is exactly what these red-light cameras do and it undermines a fundamental pillar of American jurisprudence. Liberty loving citizens should rise up against this abuse of power!

I for one opt for clearing the intersection before I proceed on green!
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