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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Brazoria Wildlife Refuge

I discovered the wildlife refuge when I started driving a school bus. I had a field trip out here and thought WOW, this is a neat place to see birds. Since then I have had several more field trips out here and I have been on my own several other times. Today Lydia and I ventured out. We went this morning. It was raining and we left our bird book at home and the batteries on my camera went dead after just a few pictures. No fear I brought the other ones. They didn't last any longer. Not very good planning. We did have our binoculars.

In the above picture is a Roseate Spoonbill and a Great Egret. These were the two most promienent birds on our trip today. In the morning we also saw a Red-tailed Hawk, a Crested Caracara (Mexican Eagle), and three wild hogs.

Texas Beef. This is on private land as you are driving into the wildlife refuge. The access to the refuge goes through Private property.

My Lydia Rose!

Great Egret
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