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Monday, January 15, 2007

Rabbit Trails

You will notice that my wife, Michele, is no longer listed as a contributor to this blog. There is a good reason for this development. She has launched out on her own making her own rabbit trails. After being introduced to the hundreds of millions that visit here every day she is seeking to lead them to trails of her own making, rabbit trails that is.

Actually she never did post very much here. I don't think she was very comfortable with my focus being a suitable environment for the kinds of things she was wanting to post.

In her own space she will probably post a bit more and for this I am glad. She has much to offer with her wit and wisdom, her insight and humor. Just go over and visit some of her rabbit trails and you will see what I mean.

I know I have enjoyed hopping down bunny trails with her for almost 25 years now and I am happy to share her with you. Her link is posted in my side bar under blogs, go visit, you will I am sure be delighted over and over again.
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