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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Trailer Project

This was a project that Daniel and I worked on together. We put our money and labor together to do some restoration work on this trailer. Daniel actually did most of the work, but I did help. I guess you might say it was a project I got for him to do with which I helped. This was after we had removed the floor and what was left of the lights.

Then it was to work with a hand held grinder with a wire brush. We had started with a file and soon abandoned that for a hand grinder that we bought at a pawn shop. The trailer was solid but with a lot of loose rust that needed to be "knocked off".

And more grinder with a wire brush......

And more grinder with a wire brush......

And more grinder with a wire brush........... It was a lot of work. Daniel did the vast majority of this.

Then it was on with a coat of rust inhibiter/sealer that we bought from the Shrimp Boat Store. It was recommended by the local business that sells paint for automobiles.

Then a coat of primer...........

 handle for the crank............

Floor reinstalled..........wheels mounted.......tags bought........road worthy!

It still needs a few little things. Some more flooring and some skirts on the inside of the fenders but we have been using it.

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