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Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Thoughtful People

My church continued their tradition tonight of recognizing my anniversary. After services they had a reception planned for me and the family. It was very nice. Apparently they took up an offering and assigned someone the task of purchasing gifts for the occasion.

A nice card expressing their appreciation
White dress shirt
$25.00 gift card for Barnes and Noble
The Power of Christ Miracles by Charles Spurgeon
Evidence for Christianity by Josh McDowell
Brave Companions by David McCullough (this completes my collection of David McCullough books)
12 oz. of Starbucks Espresso Roast Bold (whole bean)
Pound of Community Coffee Texas Star (whole bean)
Pound of Black Magic (whole bean)
Westward Series Nickels

As you can see they focused on two of my passions; coffee and books. I am so thankful for the good folks the Lord has given me the privilege to Pastor. We have a mutual appreciation for each other and it makes for a joyous ministry. I trust God will give us another 17 years together.
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