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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Danger Of Creationism

The following is an exchange that has taken place in our local paper, well at least part of it has taken place. Mr. McFadden wrote a guest column about a week and a half ago. Someone at the bus barn brought it to my attention and I set out to respond in a guest column. The difference between a letter to the editor and a guest column is about 300 words. A letter to the editor is only allowed 200 words while a guest column is allowed 500 words. Mr. McFadden's ran as a guest column so I responded with five hundred words and requested that it be granted guest column status. They called me at the end of the week to confirm that I had written the letter and said they would run it as soon as possible, I expect some time this week. A guest column is also given a more prominent place on the editorial page. Mr. McFadden's letter was published several days ago and mine will probably be published sometimes this week. Following are both letters in their entirety.

America slipping deeper into irrationality

By Russell McFadden
The Facts
Published March 27, 2007

Is America slipping into a slough of backwardness, superstition and borderline psychosis — the inability to distinguish between reality and our imaginings? Would such a trend have noticeable detrimental effects on our national life, or has it already?

Could anything be done to correct such a morbid course in our nation’s mental life? The answer to all of the above is yes, but the condition is far advanced and requires immediate and thorough corrective measures. A Pew poll revealed that two-thirds of Americans favor teaching religious creation myth as science in the public schools; almost one-half reject the thoroughly proved scientific explanation of the origin of physical life; one-third would teach a Bronze Age myth, creationism, as the single explanation of this origin.

Only one-fourth agree with the rational explanation: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution without interpolations of divine intervention, etc. This proportion is lower than any other developed nation’s except one — Turkey. American high school seniors ranked 22nd in math and science, and 1 in 5 Americans believes the Sun revolves around the Earth. These statistics should both alarm and disillusion a nation that preens itself on being a leader in the first world.

The scientific explanation of physical life is as much a part and product of science as any other scientific explanation, be it of matter, gravity, motion or any other of the many and varied scientific laws and principles on which our unbelievably comfortable, orderly, and wholesome lives are based. Such an explanation contradicts — and contradicts flatly and uncompromisingly — religious traditions regarding the origins of the world and mankind, traditions resting on little more than untestable assertions and a child-like subservience to authority. Because of this, tens of millions of Americans believe that as an act of faith science’s verdict must be rejected out of hand, although the rest of rationalism’s teachings, with all their blessings, will remain acceptable.

But this cannot be. Science is a seamless garment, and if one part be torn out for irrational reasons, eventually the entire fabric will unravel. The magical thinking and myth-making that are an integral part of traditional religion are irreconcilably antithetical to science — although the two world-views might, with good will, live side by side — and if allowed to prevail in those areas where science must reign, they will poison the entire science-borne culture; as, for instance, in the public education system.

Rationalists have watched as a dark fog of irrational belief — from the sincerely held religious conviction to clearly disordered thinking; to psychics, space aliens, and communicating with the dead; to creationism, Biblical prophecy, and Intelligent Design; to cynical, blasphemous, and prurient, ludicrous tales of Christ’s love-life. A fog has thickened and spread across America’s mind and heart, largely through that true axis of evil — television, talk radio and the publishing industry. The illness is advanced and gaining strength. It will require a full, sustained effort by the sources of civilized rationality to save the patient.

My Response

There is no place where the imagination of men runs wild like the theory of evolution. Read any article dealing with evolution and it is filled with speculation, assumption, theory, guessing, actually faith. The very thing the evolutionists scoff at in the creationist. The evolutionists believe we evolved the creationists believe we were created.

Attempting to equate evolution with empirical science is an ill-conceived attempt to be an intellectually bully. True science is something that is demonstrable. When we are dealing with origins we are dealing with history. No one was there when it happened. We cannot reproduce it in the laboratory. The choice is simple; we either believe God or man?

The evolutionists have yet to show the transition of one species into another. It can be easily proved that each species reproduces after its kind. To argue that acceptance of evolution is on a par with the acceptance of gravity is a gross mischaracterization. I can demonstrate the law of gravity over and over again that is why it is called the law of gravity. It has yet to be demonstrated that one species can mutate into a completely different species that is why it is called the theory of evolution. “Magical thinking” and “myth making” are the basis of the theory of evolution which has no connection whatsoever to empirical science.

The moral chaos we are facing can be directly attributed to the introduction of evolution. Evolution makes us animals in a cosmos without God. We have been telling ourselves for several generations that we are animals then we are appalled when people act like animals. The evolutionists have been zealously attempting to give us a culture without the God of the Bible. Then when society starts coming unraveled they complain that it is the fault of those who believe in creation.

If there is no creator then there is no one with the authority to establish moral absolutes and every man is free to do that which is right in his own eyes. This is fertile ground for anarchy. Yet we all know there are moral absolutes. It is wrong to lie. It is wrong to steal. It is wrong to commit adultery. It is wrong to murder. It is wrong to dishonor your parents. It is wrong to take God’s name in vain.

If there is no moral authority then I can kill, rape, plunder and blaspheme and there is no one with authority to tell me it is wrong. No one has a right to impose his or her standard of morality on me. These things are wrong and we all know it, “Because he has appointed a day in the which he will judge the world in righteousness!”

The evolutionists have removed all fear of God from before our eyes. For most, this fear will not be renewed until they stand before the judgment bar of a righteous and holy God. Unfortunately, it will then be too late!
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