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Monday, April 16, 2007

One Little Sin Is Enough To Condemn You!

The following is a couple of excerpts from a message by C. H. Spurgeon entitled The Curse Removed.

"Thou mayest be the most moral in the world, but yet the curse of God is upon thee; thou mayest be lovely in thy life, modest in they carriage, upright in thy behaviour, almost Christlike in they conduct, yet, if thou has not been born again, and regenerated by sovereign grace, the curse of God still rests upon thine head. If thou hast but committed one sin in they life, God's justice is so inexorable, that it condemns a man for one solitary offense; and though thy life should henceforth be one continued career of holiness, if thou has sinned but once, unless thou hast an interest in the blood of Christ, the thunder of Sinai are launched at thee, and the lightning of terrible vengeance flash on thee."

" . . . . and if thou has sinned but once, the curse is righteous when it lights upon thy head. Dost thou ask me how this is? I answer, Thou sayest thy sin is little; then, if the sin be little, how little trouble it might have taken thee to have avoided it! If thy transgression be but small, at how small an expense thou mightest have refrained from it!"

Spurgeon goes on to reason that the little sins could very well be the most egregious sins, for if they were so little they could have been easily avoided; thus the smallness of the sin aggravates the crime against heaven.

He says a few sentences later, ". . . . for a little sin hath in it the essence of all sin; . . . ."
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