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Monday, April 02, 2007

Where Did March Go?

It was a blur and is gone forever. With our week long trip to Kansas and our evangelism seminar last week I feel like I have been treading water. This week promises to be equally full. Field trips all day today and tomorrow with the golf team at one of the local high schools. Missionary to Spain Wednesday evening. Deliver pizzas on Thursday evening. Family reunion on Saturday about three hours from here. My cousin who is planning the get together has asked me to put together a service and share a message with the family.

I at least wanted to stop by and tell you about two treasures I found recently. When in Kansas I visited several antique stores to mainly look at books. I saw a book with the title on the spine Baxter's Saint's Rest. I thought it couldn't be, but it was. Richard Baxter is a famous Puritan and one of his best known works is The Saint's Everlasting Rest. I picked the book up and it has a publishing date of 1870. He actually wrote the book in the late 1600's. I saw the price that I believed said $2.00. I thought that can't be right??? It can't be $200.00, it must be $20.00 which I was prepared to pay. I asked the lady at the counter and she said $2.00. I said hold the book for me while I look some more.

Then on ebay this last week there was a book for sale entitled, Life Of Charles H. Spurgeon by Russell H. Conwell. It was published in 1892. The price at the time was only $10.00 with just a couple of days left. I have bid on things like this before but the price usually moves up rapidly toward the end and out of my range. I bid $20.00 and ended up getting it for $17.50. It is just over 600 pages of biography. Conwell was the pastor of the Grace Baptist Church of Philadephia and a personal friend of Spurgeon.

There are several topics that I am wanting to post about when time allows.
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