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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bellowing Alligator

Last Saturday I was walking around a lake at the Brazos Bend State Park and I saw several alligators. The one in the following clip was across the way. You can see it lift its head out of the water when it starts bellowing.

If you listen closely you can hear another alligator bellowing down the way. Both of these were males and there was a female in the vicinity.

At one point there is quite a bit of wind noise, it does not last long. I took the video on my little digital camera. Since I was by myself I choose my camera over my video camera. Bad choice on this occasion.

Eventually the big gator swims off toward the other male. They meet down the way and the one in the video follows the smaller one for a while. They then go under water to settle their differences and the little emerges several yards from the big one.

You may have to turn the sound up to hear it well. It was quite a show! Thanks Olivia for getting the link set up for me.
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