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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Road Trip To Get Sara And The Grandkids

Does any one see the grasshopper?? It was at a welcome center after crossing the Texas line into Louisiana.

Interstate 55N, north of Jackson, Mississippi.

How neat is that the picture does not do it justice. I love road trips.

At Sara's house. James Kelzie. Don't take my picture Grandpa. I didn't believe him. You see him smiling under there.

At Sara's house. Thomas and Evelyn.

Sara's house......... James Kelzie and Evelyn, part of Thomas.

I don't mind road trips as long as I have my own truck.

Are we there yet??? James Kelzie actually asked that 20 minutes after we left their house. We only had 600 miles left and 13 hours and 20 minutes???

In deep meditation!

The trees are tall in Texas. . . . . . . . . this one happens to be in Louisiana!

I did not have him pose this way . . . . . honest . . . . . no really . . . . .

Rest stop in Louisiana. Grandma and Grandpa were taking advantage of some Cajun hospitality at the free coffee dispenser.

I'm telling ya . . . . we are in Louisiana!

Stretching the legs as lunch time!

Falling "head over heels" for Grandma. It would not be the first time someone had done that!

Making a break for it. Anything not to get back in the van. Are we there yet??

Think I will sleep to help pass the time.

I think I will too........

I think I will too........

Lake Charles, Louisiana!

Cajuns have to be told everything!!!

When I see this sign I know I am home even though we still had three hours of travelling.

Is it real????

Texas Welcome center at Orange in Southeast Texas on Interstate 10.

Butterfly at the welcome center.

Is this going to turn into a pine cone????

Six flags over Texas??? France, Spain, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate, United States

Do we have to go all the way to El Paso???? Yes that is 857 miles of Interstate!

I'm glad he is not coming toward us.

God bless America!!

An hour from Freeport, I hope??? Leaving Houston! Two people were pulled over on the side of the road and everyone was slowing down to look. Well, I am not going to wait in line and then not look. Just some guy talking on his cell phone. Probably talking to his mother.

Finally, the traffic is starting to break up a bit.
Over all it was a good trip. We left Buckees in Lake Jackson at 7:00 AM Monday morning and arrived at Sara's house at 7:45 PM. We left her house the next morning at 6:00 AM and arrived at our house at 7:40 PM. 1300 miles round trip, and the Lord was good!
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