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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Birds of Pedernales

We just returned yesterday from a two week camping trip to the Pedernales Falls State Park about ten miles east of Johnson City and an hour west of Austin, right in the middle of the Texas Hill country. I love this part of Texas. Rugged terrain, rivers and creeks. Very scenic at least from the persepctive of a coastal plains dweller.

I took 999 pictures and a few of them were good. If I had realized I was at 999 I would have taken at least one more of something to make it an even 1,000.

The following is some of the pictures of birds I managed to capture. There are lost more but these are probably the best. Hope you enjoy seeing them a fraction of the amount I enjoyed taking them.

A hummingbird. I think it is a juvenile and cannot make out what kind of humming bird.

A male house finch.
Mourning dove

female northern cardinal

male northern cardinal

turkey vulture

western scrub jay

tufted titmouse

yellow-breasted chat??

male ladderback woodpecker

humming birds (female black chinned)??

dove?? Michele and Lydia thought it was a sick mourning dove???

female painted bunting

two male house finches and one female northern cardinal

female ladderback woodpecker

male painted bunting. My personal favorite from the trip. It was always exciting to see. We saw it both at the bird blind and our camping site.

carolina chickadee

male painted bunting. This is one of my favorite pictures.

male ladderback woodpecker

female house finch
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