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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blessed Are They That Mourn

The following is from Thomas Watson's, "Harmless as Doves"

"Grace dissolves and liquifies the soul, causing a spiritual thaw. The sorrow of the heart, runs out at the eye.

A godly heart grieves that it is not more holy. It troubles him that he falls short of the rule and standard which God has set. "I should", he says, "love the Lord with all my heart. But how defective my love is! How far short I come of what I should be, no, of what I might have been!"

A godly man sometimes weeps out of the sense of God's love. Gold is the finest and most solid of all the metals, yet it is soonest melted in the fire. Gracious hearts, which are golden hearts--are the soonest melted into tears, by the fire of God's love.

A godly person weeps because the sins he commits are in some sense worse than the sins of other men. The sin of a justified person is very odious, because it is a sin of unkindness. Peter's denying of Christ was a sin against love. Christ had enrolled him among the apostles. He had taken him up into the Mount and shown him the glory of heaven in a vision. Yet after all this mercy, it was base ingratitude that he should deny Christ. This made him go out and 'weep bitterly.' He baptized himself, as it were, in his own tears.

The sins of the godly, go nearest to God's heart.

The sins of the wicked--anger the Lord.
The godly man's sins--grieve Him.

The sins of the wicked--pierce Christ's side.
The sins of the godly--wound His heart.

How far from being godly--are those who scarcely ever shed a tear for sin!"
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