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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Abandoned Ground

In light of my series on Sunday Evenings entitled Perfecting Holiness In The Fear Of God, I purchased a book by David Cloud Entitled, Dressing For The Lord. It is less than 300 pages, I received it in the mail yesterday and began reading it last night. In a few weeks I will be instructing in righteousness in the area of dress/fashion. I will be doing so with all authority, letting no man despise my youth (what little is left of it). Consequently I wanted to refresh my mind about some important principles in this area. David Cloud's new book seemed to be just the answer to that desire. I read almost half of it last night and have found his research to be helpful and insightful especially his short chapter on the fashion industry.

I thought I would post a section of his introduction as it might be a challenge and encouragement to others.

"All too often, any kind of preaching about clothing has become an oddity, and embarrassment, or a type of 'legalism'. The resistance of the rock & roll culture to such preaching is so pervasive that many pastors have decided to ignore the matter of dress, thus the battle is lost simply because the ground is abandoned.

Yet if ever there were a time when preachers need to warn their people about clothing issues, it is today. Modern society is drenched with indecency. A Vogue fashion show would make ancient Corinth blush. Standards of morality are not to be left to the pew. Surely it is the obligation of the preacher to set forth these things. Has God not spoken on this issue? We know that holiness is a matter of the heart, but is it not a matter of the body, as well? What man has ever lusted after a woman's heart? How, then, can we ignore these parts of Scripture and refuse to preach them boldly and uncompromisingly? That is what the New Evangelical does. There are some things he will not preach, and separation is one of them. But the Bible speaks as much about moral separation as it does ecclesiastical separation. The faithful Bible-believing preacher cannot ignore either.

Those who are crying 'legalism' today are hypocrites in this matter. They decry the old-time preacher for the lines he draws, but they, too, draw lines for clothing. Will they allow a woman to teach Sunday School class in a bikini? No, and there are other types of attire they do not allow. They draw lines; they have some sort of standards. And if it is right to draw a line in clothing, it is wise to draw the line after the Bible's principles rather than the world's.

Let's make a clear difference between ourselves and the world. Let's not be afraid of being a 'peculiar people, zealous of good works'. Let's stand in the old paths. Those who are giving up high, plain standards of holiness in dress and moving closer and closer to the fashions of the world should remember that the world is moving farther and farther from God's word."

Again the book is entitled, Dressing For The Lord by David Cloud and can be purchased from Way Of Life Literature. (I'm finished and the book is actually right at 200 pages! August 10)
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