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Friday, November 30, 2007

Hurricane Season Ends Today

Too bad hurricane season is not like deer season, or moose season for my Alaskan friends! People rejoice on opening day and mourn its passing. And the season always opens with hunters hoping this will be the year when they get the big one!

On the other hand the opening day of hurricane season (June 1) is dreaded and the close of hurricane season (November 30) is celebrated. The season always opens with coastal dwellers hoping this will not be the year of the big one!

Why can't hurricane season just be open a few weeks like most hunting seasons. In fact during hurricane season it is the hurricane doing the hunting. I am certain the season is open way too long. I think the Federal government should hold hearings on why hurricane season is open so long. I think there must be some undue influence peddling going on at National Hurricane Center. In fact if we cannot get any sense of justice from Congress then we should file a law suit and see it through all the way to the Supreme Court to see if a six month hurricane season is Constitutional. Surely the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment has some application to hurricane season. After all, no one in the plains states have to worry about hurricane season. I think we need equal protection and the season should be shortened. Surely with Alito and Roberts on the court we can have our Constitutional right to privacy (the uninvited visit of a hurricane) and our equal protection (along the lines of what people in Nebraska enjoy) restored by the decision of the High Court. Someone somewhere should give us some relief either legislatively or judicially by shortening the season. I will never believe it is fair that we have just a few weeks to hunt deer or moose (again for my Alaskan friends) and hurricanes have six months to hunt us. Where, my friend, is the justice in that!

I think it should also be noted that since Katrina and Rita two years ago the Bush administration in its war against major hurricanes has had some major success. The threat has been greatly diminished the last two years and one can only imagine what would happen if Mrs. Clinton is elected President. No doubt she would press for legislation to send out the hurricane hunters and then veto the bill when it came to her desk! Then again Giuliani was for Hurricanes when he was mayor of New York and now he is against them running in the Republican primary. Romney may be a good choice. You know he would not want a hurricane force wind blowing through his hair. Then again I am sure that we could count on Tancredo to close the borders to all hurricanes. I don't know, I am not convinced any of then would be good hurricane fighters! Besides we have another six month hurricane season to endure before any of them are elected.

Maybe we will all be blown away before we have to vote. I can live with that but only if it applies to Nebraskans as well.
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