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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Longer A Pizza Packing Preacher

That's right. If you have closely observed my header you will notice that the part about me being a Pizza delivery man is no longer there. It has been there for 17 years........

That's right for 17 years I have delivered pizza for Dominos. "Nobody knows like Dominos how you like pizza at home."

I have delivered Pizza because the church I pastor is small but I might add growing with young couples with children. Praise the Lord.

To be quite honest I started driving a school bus a couple of years ago in order to get out of the pizza business. Several reasons.

1. Reduced delivery area meant fewer deliveries.
2. Increasing fuel cost.

Bottom line: delivering pizza was not as lucrative as it once was.

But I did deliver pizzas for 17 years. Most of the people working there when I quit were in diapers when I started.

When I started there were no computers in the store. I saw it go from writing the order out to punching the order in on a keyboard to touch screen.

When I started I was only a few years older than most people that worked there, some were even older. I was 28. When I quit I was a grandpa, and people were calling me Mr. McEntire!

When I started we did not have conveyor ovens we had two chest ovens stacked one on top of the other. They would hold six large pizzas a piece for a total of twelve in the oven at the same time. You had to spin them around to get them to cook evenly. You had to alternate the placement of the pizzas because when you took a pizza out that spot will be relatively cool. That was called oven tending. Now they go in one end of the conveyor oven and come out the other and they call that oven tending. Their is no tending to be done. Just take it out when it gets to you.

The store I worked out of in Freeport, yes for all 17 years was remodeled twice. Two different owners, although I worked for the same owner for 16 of those years.

I wore four different uniforms.

The small pizza became the large pizza, and a smaller pizza that we did not sell at the time became a medium pizza. The original large pizza came back a few years later as an extra large pizza. There were a few astute customers who realized the pizzas were smaller. Good for them.

I have worked for eight different general managers, more assistant managers that you can shake a stick at, and more mangers in training than the stars in the sky and the sand of the seashore.

I wish I had a nickle for every box I have folded. I surely would be well on my way to being independently wealthy.

I have seen the work ethic of young people deteriorate dramatically in 17 years.

When I went to work there my brother who was an assistant manager at the time trained me. Since I have worked there my father has worked there, and both of my sons, one is there tonight. My sons have been mowing the yard at Dominos since my oldest son was about eleven. He is almost 23.

I was not involved in one accident while driving. I had one citation for speeding in an area where they had put up new signs indicating the speed limit was 20????(not a school zone)

I worked until 4:00 one morning and that was enough!

Yes, I still love pizza and could eat it several times a week! Pepperoni, hamburger, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, extra cheese on original crust, please! (jalapenos sometimes)

I was never robbed. When I delivered to suspect places in the dark I made it a point to walk in such a way to send the message: "Do you really want a pizza that bad!"

I have had naked children come to the door, drunks unable to count money, men in their underwear, women hide behind the door disrobed (one time at a motel room), a bra thrown over the door, people wait for their penny change, a $50.00 tip, children keep the tip money, smell dope ten feet before you get to the door, threatened by dogs several times, people unintentionally give me too much money, several people give me ten or more dollars in change (and not all quarters, not even mostly quarters) and it is not enough (yes I always counted it), and they don't bother to put it in a bag (would they do that at the grocery store?), countless people say, "did you bring me a pizza?" I always wanted to say, "Well, did you order one?"

I brought home lots of pizza!

I have, Lord willing, delivered my last pizza and I am no worse for the wear! Can't say the same for all the cars I have driven.

Old pizza men never die, they just fade away!
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