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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Political Convention That Matters??

For all of you political junkies here is an interesting article on the status of the Republican nomination for President.

David Reddoso paints a very interesting picture in relation to the possibility of the Republican National Convention next summer. It is interesting to see how he crunches the numbers in relation to delegates and leaves open the possibility of the Republicans opening their convention without a nominee.

Now that would make for some exciting politics. Imagine multiple floor votes until someone gets a majority. It would be a rousing good time! Of course it also conjures up visions of smoke-filled rooms where political deals are cut and everybody leave the convention owing everybody else.

I especially like his idea that they could nominate someone at the convention who is not even running. And by the way, my Dad has been saying for a couple of months that this might happen.

After all this is the way it use to be done!
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