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Monday, December 17, 2007

So Much To Read, So Little Time!

I recently bought several more books. One via ebay two at a thrift store, one my wife bought me at a thrift store, and my daughter gave me $50.00 for Christmas and I managed to spend it all in a half price book store. The sad thing is that I want to read all the book along with the other two shelves of books I want to read. I am presently reading 2 or 3 books with most of my reading being devoted to the biography of John Calhoun.

Here is a list of books recently purchased:

The Cathars by Sean Martin
The Anabaptist Story by W. R. Estep
Lee and Grant by Gene Smith
Backgrounds of Early Christians by Everett Ferguson
The Battle for Truth by David A. Noebel
The Development of Southern Sectionalism 1819-1848 by Sydnor
Lone Star Nation by H. W. Brands
The Fall of the Roman Empire by Michael Grant
Cities of the Biblical World by LaMoine F. DeVries (for reference)
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