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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Choosing A Perceived Strength As A Weakness!

The following is from a piece by Byron York at NRO. He is quoting Obama at a recent rally in South Carolina.

"“You notice that people who’ve been in Washington too long, they don’t talk like ordinary folks,” Obama began. “We had this debate in Las Vegas, and somebody asked me, ‘What are your weaknesses?’ So I said, ‘Well, you know, I don’t keep track of paper that well, I’m always losing paper, my desk is a mess.’ And then they asked the next two candidates. And one candidate says, ‘Well, my biggest weakness is I’m just so passionate about helping poor people.’ And then the other one says, ‘I’m just so impatient to help the American people solve their problems.’ So then I realize well, I wish I’d gone last and then I would have known.”

Pausing for a moment while the crowd burst into laughter and applause, he continued: “I’m stupid that way, I thought that when they asked what your biggest weakness was, they asked what your biggest weakness was. And now I know that my biggest weakness is I like to help old ladies across the street.”"

I read about this exchange in a recent Democratic debate early last week. I read Obama's answer and thought OK that is a weakness. It is probably not his worse weakness but who really expects a candidate for the POTUS to reveal all their weaknesses. It is an irrelevant question for a candidate. It is the responsibility of the opposition to reveal what they believe to be the weakness of the other candidate.

But..........back to the point.

His was a reasonable response. I then read Hillary's response and Edward's response and thought; that is their weakness. Who were these two trying to kid. They took what they believe to be a strength and turned it into a weakness.

Hurray for Obama for pointing out the ludicrous nature of their answers. And he does so in a humorous way! His response is funny. Soooo......he puts both of them in their place in a way everyone thinks is funny and he wins votes in the process.

He has not of course won my vote and will not. Why?? Because I disagree with him on issues. I am beginning to think though that he may win a lot of votes, maybe even enough to be the next resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.

Anyhow, for now, good for Obama for pulling the covers back on the insincerity of the other two Democratic candidates.
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