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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Free Us From All These!

During my devotions after my Bible reading some mornings I do some reading in a book called, The Saint's Rest. It was written by Richard Baxter in 1758. I am slowly working my way through the book a little bit at a time. It is basically a book that Baxter wrote during a time of intense physical suffering. It is a book that is devoted to pondering the glories of our future rest.

This morning I came across a couple of places that were extremely thought-provoking and challenging. I though I would share one of them with you. This is from the chapter dealing with the excellencies of the saint's rest.

"All of our temptations from the world and the flesh shall also cease. Oh the hourly dangers that we here walk in! Every sense and member is a snare; every creature, every mercy, and every duty is a snare to us. We can scarce open our eyes but we are in danger of envying those above us, or despising those below us; of coveting the honors and riches of some, or beholding the rags and beggary of others with pride and unmercifulness. If we see beauty, it is a bait to lust; if deformity, to loathing and disdain. How soon do slanderous reports, vain jests, wanton speeches, creep into the heart! How constant and strong a watch does our appetite require! Have we comeliness and beauty? What fuel for pride! Are we deformed? What an occasion of repining! Have we strength of reason and gifts of learning? O how prone to be puffed up, hunt after applause, and despise our brethren! Are we unlearned? How apt then to despise what we have not! Are we in places of authority? How strong is the temptation to abuse our trust, make our will our law, and to mould all the enjoyments of others by the rules and model of our own interest and policy! Are we inferiors? How prone to envy others' pre-eminence, and bring their actions to the bar of our judgment! Are we rich, and not too much exalted? Are we poor, and not discontented? Are we not lazy in our duties or make a Christ of them? Not that God hath made these things our snares; but through our own corruptions they become so to us. Ourselves are the greatest snares to ourselves. This is our comfort; our rest will free us from all these. As Satan hath no entrance there, so he has nothing to serve his malice; but all things there shall join with us in the high praises of our great Deliverer."

"Oh, wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?"

"Even so, come, Lord Jesus!"
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