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Saturday, January 12, 2008

You're No Ronald Reagan!

I watched the last Republican debate on youtube last night. For the first half of the debate I thought Ronald Regan was running for President again and all six of the men on stage were voting for him. I suppose that it is nice to know that were he living and running for President all of these men would apparently step-aside and give him the nomination by default. Too bad that can't happen.

Herein lies my problem. None of these men seem to hold a candle to Ronald Reagan. What a testimony to his legacy that all Republican candidates since him have been compared to him! In fact it would probably take all of these men combined to equal Ronald Regan.

The wit and charm of Fred Thompson.
The passion of Ron Paul.
The perseverance of John McCain.
The good looks of Mitt Romney.
The leadership skills of Rudy Guiliani.
The speaking ability of Mike Huckabee.

I would like to think Fred Thompson won. Rudy Guiliani when asked about his conservatism cut a wide swath around social issues. Why? Because he is a dyed in the wool liberal. John McCain seemed smug and arrogant. Mike Huckabee sounded like a Democrat too often. When asked about taxes being higher in Arkansas when he left office he talked about raising the standard of living. Great as long as you don't do it at the expense of others and engage in legalized plunder. Mitt Romney did not alleviate my concerns about him having been elected to state wide office in Massachusetts. Ron Paul is the most passionate and real person on the stage. His foreign policy is somewhat naive in my estimation but I agree that we have too many troop commitments all over the world. He had a wonderful response to Huckabee's unwavering support for Israel. Then why do we arm their enemies???

Michigan and South Carolina are next week!
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