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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Some McCain Positives

Well, for a month now we have all read and heard the negative things about McCain. Limbaugh, Hannity, (I don't actully listen to these guys that much. On our recent trip to Kansas I listened to them while traveling. Helps pass the time.) and others have been attacking him with the ferociousness of a pit bull on steroids. Honestly much of their critisism has been justified and I fully understand and appreciate the problems that people have with many of the positions that he has taken in recent years.

However........... he is very likely to be our man. I know that Ann Coulter said she was going to campaign, and vote for Mrs. Clinton if McCain won the nomination. Every time I hear Ann Coulter I am reminded as to why I do not like her!

Here is another article that provides some reason for hope in a McCain administration. With a Clinton and an Obama on the horizon I have no desire to keep fighting the one man left that stands a chance of beating them.
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