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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Thoughts On Racism

I found another interesting article at National Review Online dealing with the issue of racism in the United States.

Here are some examples of what the author is arguing:

"Daniel Patrick Moynihan urged years ago that race relations in this country could benefit most from a period of “benign neglect.”"

"First, race relations in this country are good, have never been better, and are improving. We should all be happy and proud of that."

"There has never been less discrimination in more areas than there is now."

"There are those who will say that I am “in denial.” No. It is those who refuse to recognize the progress that has been made who are in denial."

"The fact is, there will always be some discrimination. But there is less and less of it, especially among younger people. And the old racists, of all colors, will eventually die off."

" . . . .any underlying racism that remains must be addressed by all of us — black and white, Asian and Hispanic, American Indian and immigrant — in our hearts."

"Racism today is less a cause of our problems than it is a symptom of them."

"The biggest domestic problem America faces today, and certainly the biggest problem that the African-American community faces today, is that seven out of ten African Americans are born out of wedlock."

"When you grow up in a home without a father, you are much more likely to grow up poor and remain poor, and to get into trouble with the law, and to do poorly in school."

The rest of this article by Roger Clegg is worth reading.
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